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X Minus One was a superior science fiction series, an extension of Dimension X, broadcast from 1955 to 1958. It was later revived on NBC in 1973 for two years. The first 15 broadcasts were repeats from Dimension X before new adaptions were produced. Most stories from X Minus One were adapted from Galaxy, Universe, and Astounding, three leading S-F magazines in the 50s. Many radio performers were part of the cast, such as Mason Adams, Joan Alexander, Jack Grimes, Joseph Julian and Ted Osborne, etc. X Minus One's appearance marked a milestone for the radio in 1955, as it advanced the place of the S-F genre on the air.

The opening of X Minus One is memorable. It opens with the countdown of a whizzing rocket being fired. This highly-anticipated countdown is excellently delivered by the program's announcer Fred Collins.

There are 126 shows in our collection! Date Aired
And the Moon Be Still as Bright September 22, 1955
The Outer Limit November 16, 1955
First Contact October 6, 1955
The Cold Equation August 25, 1955
A Logic Named Joe December 28, 1955
Nightmare July 21, 1955
Dr. Grimshaws Sanitarium July 14, 1955
Child's Play October 20, 1955
Dwellers in Silence November 10, 1955
The Martian Death March September 8, 1955
Almost Human August 11, 1955
Perigis Wonderful Dolls June 5, 1955
Universe May 15, 1955
The Veldt August 4, 1955
The Castaways September 15, 1955
Nightfall December 7, 1955
Courtesy August 18, 1955
Shanghaied September 01, 1955
The Man in the Moon May 29, 1955
Marionettes Inc. December 21, 1955
The Embassy July 28, 1955
Requiem October 27, 1955
The Parade May 1, 1955
Knock May 22, 1955
The Green Hills of Earth July 7, 1955

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